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Fiscalía de la CDMX will investigate the death of a female mayor in the explosion in the Del Valle colony

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Due to the terrible accident in the Del Valle colony, in the Benito Juárez town where a major person lost his life, his Tax General of Justice of the CDMX (FGJCDMX), informed that the crimes of damage to the property will be investigated, as well as the crime of homicide in the injury of a person and serious injuries of six more, both would be culpable.

The Fiscal Agency signaled that authorities specialized in criminology photography, fires and explosions, came to the site to collect indices that will be integrated into the open investigation table. On the other hand, the elements of the Police of Investigation (PDI), began to look for questions in the private and public surveillance cameras, interviewing witnesses in order to be able to draw conclusions about what really happened.

Authorities arrived at the location of the people to initiate an investigation into the explosion. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

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What happened to these visits in the Del Valle colony?

At 7.20 pm, through their official channels, the Bombers of the Mexican City informed about a explosion inside one vivienda on Calle Providencia, belonging to the Benito Juárez demarcation. Due to the accident, a shock collapsed, so they decided to activate safety protocols.

In the personal area of ​​the SSC they have placed metal brackets to match the area and prevent the specialists from working in the vehicle. Inhabitants of the colony Del Valle they informed you that you have been given the indication to have a new warning not to use the gas service, this is how the volcanoes regulate it.

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