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First death due to H3N2 virus in India, 1-1 lost their lives in Karnataka and Haryana

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H3N2 Virus: Which was considered as a common cold-fever virus, now H3N2 virus has started killing people. So far 2 people have died in India due to this virus. Out of this, one has happened in Karnataka and one in Haryana.

H3N2 killed an 82-year-old man

In Karnataka, this virus has taken the life of an 82-year-old Heera Gowda. According to the information given by the Health Department, Heere Gowda died on March 1, which is the first death due to this virus. The District Health Department told that Heere Gowda was diabetic and was also suffering from hypertension.

The Health Department said that Heere Gowda had a complaint of cough, fever and body ache, he was admitted to Hassan Hospital on 24 February. Where he died. On March 6, the results of the sample test revealed that he was suffering from the H3N2 virus.

These people are more prone to infection

About 5 days before this, the State Health Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar held a meeting with the officials regarding the sudden and fast-growing infection of this virus. After the meeting, he told reporters that its infection can be seen in children below 15 years of age and elderly people above 65 years of age. Pregnant women also need to be cautious.

In the last few months, cases of flu have increased rapidly in the country. Many of these cases have been found of H3N2 virus infection. Also known as Hong Kong flu. After infection with this virus, it becomes necessary to hospitalize the patient, because it is different from normal fever.

90 cases of H3N2 infection in the country so far

According to media reports, about 90 cases of H3N2 infection have been found in the country. While 8 cases are of H1N1 virus. The symptoms of H3N2 virus are very similar to those of Kovid. In this, there is continuous cough, difficulty in breathing. Many patients also complain of sore throat, body pain and diarrhea. These symptoms can last for about a week.

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