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Fire in two buildings in Valencia after 4 deaths and 19 people disappeared

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A fulminator and devastator fire in a building where you can live with catorce plants Valenciawhich has spread to another year, has caused this fourth death and is targeting another ten new people who are disappeared Your family members can’t locate themselves after the fire starts.

El sinister He started on the fifth and middle of the late in a building that finished building in 2009 on the side of the streets General Avilés with Maestro Rodrigo, an area of viviendas of new construction in a neighborhood, the Nou Campanar, large avenues and shopping and leisure areas, to the north of the city.

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For the moment the origin of the product is unknown fire however, the bombers pointed out that they arrived on the fifth plant and spread rapidly to the higher plants; In just the average hour practically the entire building was covered in thick humid air.

There are 14 healthy people, 6 of them bombers

The bombers managed to rescue a young couple who had been queried on a balcony, looking for their calls. PHOTO: EFE

El fuegoalso driven by the strong rakes of the wind from the west at 60 km/h, quickly spread to the adjacent building, which forms part of the same block of 138 living areas, with commercial areas on its lower sides.

During the first hours only if you have official confirmation personas heridasspecifically 14, of which 6 are bomberos and the rest of the civilians, and are attended to in the distinguished hospitals of the city, according to healthcare sources.

Specifically, there are 9 men between 25 and 57 years old, 4 women between 27 and 81 years old, and less than 7 years old; except for two women who have high blood pressure “in situ”, the rest have been transferred to different hospital centers Valencia.

They can relax with a couple sitting on a balcony

The accident occurred on the fifth and mid-late in a building that finished construction in 2009. PHOTO: AP

Ademas, los bomberos they managed to rescue a young person who had been married in one balconylooked for by the calls, and who were able to be assisted by a team to approach the street in the middle of the general applause of the hundreds of people who were gathered in the mediations and who obliged the police forces to expand the perimeter of security.

In the meantime, the subdirector general of Emergencies, Jorge Suárez, confirmed the hallmark of four dead people inside the limed buildings.

Las labores de los bomberos If you concentrate on this product, follow by heating the sides of the buildings, which will continue to burn without control and cause the helmets to fall apart, so that until now you can’t access the interior of the buildings and you don’t expect to be able to access them wait for the light of the day.

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) moved at 7.25pm ​​this week to request the Generalitat to collaborate in them rescates which are necessary in the areas of extinction.

They decreed 3 days of official disaster relief

It is expected that at 7.30 am on this day, the heat of ValenciaMaría José Catalá, and the President of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón, assisted at the advanced dispatch point that has been installed in the media of the area and subsequently connected to the communication mediums.

The Ayuntamiento will decree this time three days of official celebration for this sinister, following Catalá, after which the Junta de Spokespersons would have it.

Testigos del fire they reported to EFE that the calls had picked up “very quickly” in a very short time and “a cloud of brutal humus had formed, which had happened practically overnight”.

The fire of this building with ventilated facade and polyurethane coating will create “an before and after” in Spainso far no similar accident has been produced, although they have occurred in London or China over a year ago, the deputy secretary of the College of Industrial Engineers and Technicians of València (Cogitival) and expert in accident assessment reported to EFE. incendias, Esther Puchades.

With information from EFE

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