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FIRE IMAGES: capture the exact moment when the Prague shooter fired indiscriminately

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On this day, December 21st, a shooting was recorded in the Carolina University located en Praguethe capital of Czech Republic. Now, after the success, across social networks, many images of the moment have been disseminated exactly where the person in charge began fuego on the site there is a balance of more than a dozen erroneous and various injured people.

And it is that through platforms like

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Students gather in the room during the Prague shooting

The students and the students sought to hide themselves. Credits: X/@RenataVinklero1.

As they have spread videos of the moment in which he started the shot in the University of PragueFurthermore, they have published snapshots of the form in which the students and students of the institution were expected to try to hide and hide themselves so as not to be victims of the attack.

In photographs and videos disseminated through cornise of a structure. Meanwhile, in other containers it is possible to observe how at the beginning of the attack, dozens of people started running desperadoly.

Who knows about the Prague shooter?

Until now, existing reports have indicated that the shooter is university located in the center of Prague presumably he is a young man of 24 years of age identified with the name of David K originally from a nearby villa in the Lugar de los Hechos region.

Of course, with the information given to the police, the alleged perpetrator was a student of the same university where the act took place. However, the authorities reported that he was “eliminated” in the middle of those recorded in these games.

Tirador had his father before him

An aspect about the shot in the university de Prague What’s notable is that presumably before the cometer was attacked by the institution, the alleged person responsible asked his father. Included, following the diary El Universalthe young man was tied to him homicide of other people registered last week.

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