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Fire consumes part of the Zona Arqueológica de Monte Albán in Oaxaca

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Late this week, February 22nd, it was registered fire of a pastizal in Oaxaca, search for the Zona Archeológica de Monte Albán; At this moment the area totally affected by the fire is not confirmed, but yes you know, thanks to the witnesses who took photos and videos in social networks, that the accident takes place just after a new quarter of the National Guard (GN).

Of attention with images that circulate on digital platforms, one espasa columna de humo The cerro rises as an indicator of fire and is subjected to various meters in the air, becoming visible for kilometers in the depths, so that some Facebook users began to record the precautionary measures that should be taken during the rainy season for any person who visits places with pasta or areas with dry vegetation.

Imagen of the fire in Monte Alban Photo: Facebook / Nykyto Sangi Ofic

“You know the thoughts for these periods of heat, and more than anything when visiting some forest, some turkey, visits to enjoy a day in the field are not only for distraction and diversion of one person, but also to look after these green areas! ! No pulling basura, desechos de vidrio or latas because they are inclined to be a factor in the fire!! Please look after our forests”, wrote a user of social networks to avoid the creation of new fires.

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