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Fighting fentanyl trafficking to strengthen Mexican-EU relations and integration: Ken Salazar

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El día de ayer el Mexican mandatario Andrés Manuel López Obrador I substituted a meeting with the secretary of the Treasury of the United States Janet L. Yellen, the reason for the embajador of United States in Mexico, Ken Salazarreflected a profound integration and the financial and economic ties of both countries.

For the sake of his account in fentanyl traffickingI realize that every day it grows in two countries.

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AMLO recognizes friendship and cooperation with United States through meeting with Janet Yellen

Since it is the new 20 peso coin for the 200 years of Mexico-EU relations, how can you keep it?

Janet L. Yellen, secretary of the Tesoro de Estados Unidos. Photo: Cuartoscuro

In the press release Salazar notes that economic cooperation is being undermined by dialogue on the topic of security and that the joint effort of both countries has interrupted the flow of illicit recursions that feed the activities of transnational criminal organizations, such as like fentanyl traffickers.

In this document I noted that this type of action in conjunction allows you to advance with shared economic and security objectives, which as a consequence also draws greater confidence and certainty for the relations of Mexico and United States.

Salazar welcomed Mexico on a commemorative note

The ambassador of the United States in Mexico also approved the communication to welcome Mexico for the commemorative coin on the occasion of the Bicentenary of relations between both countries, returned; It’s an honor that Mexico has recognized one moneda of 20 pesos, being the first to be achieved including other countries, which is a symbol of the strong lassos among both nations.

Comenzó a circular el pasado miércoles.Créditos: Banco de México.

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