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FGR will not donate to Emilio Lozoya on Casa de las Lomas valued at 38 million pesos

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There General Tax of the Republic (FGR) gave her a revés to the exdirector de Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya Austinand it will not donate them to the house of Lomas de Bezares located in the hothouse Miguel Hidalgo de la City of Mexico (CDMX), which is valued at 38 million pesos. Considering that one day ago, a federal court had ordered that the money be returned to them inmueble.

According to a press release published on Sunday 26 November, the FGR informed that the property that Lozoya Austin was “illegally acquired with money laundered funds” remains safe and will not be returned. In this sense, you explained that the criterion set forth by the player who requested the return is “unacceptable” to the denial of the mandatory application of the Ley Nacional de Extinción de Dominio.

The FGR categorizes the playing criterion as “unacceptable”. Credits: X/@FGRMexico.

“The corresponding request is being submitted within the legal space; and you will be informed, at the right time, about the allegations that the FGR will submit to the respect”, reads in the press release of the FGR.

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What are the arguments of the FGR?

In the press release that was distributed through its official channels, the FGR signaled that the Ley Nacional de Extinción de Dominio says that “no legal act concerning the termination of dominion can be legitimate, and that the termination procedures that have begun from the moment of entry into force of the same are legal and valid, regardless of whether it is illicit” happens with precedent”.

The judge Ana Lilia Osorno Arroyo declared that the legal remedy that the FGR used for the confiscation of Lozoya’s property was irrelevant. Credits: Curtoscuro/archive.

Asymism, the institution directed by Alejandro Gertz Manero it signaled that the inmueble of Emilio Lozoya in these cases also finds himself legally secured in other criminal proceedings. Is it the reason? on his alleged relationship with the crimes of criminal association y operations with recursos of illicit proceeding.

Jueza has been ordered to the FGR to devolve to Lozoya residence valued at 38 mpd

Let’s record that just one day ago, the federal game Ana Lilia Osorno Arroyo had declared that the legal remedy that the FGR used for the confiscation of the property of Lozoya Austin. And it is that the judicial authority ensured that the Tax “made an error” in requesting the change of owner based on laws that were not in force when the events occurred for those who were reported to the exdirector of Pemex.

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