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FGJ de Tamaulipas confirms the participation of 2 subjects in the asesinato of Rodolfo Pizarro’s daughter

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The holder of the General Fiscal Justice of the State, Irving Barrios Mojicaconfirmed that in the attack against the Pizarro family, in Madero City, it is confirmed that at least two offenders participated, of which one is fully identified and in the next few hours a game will release an order of apprehension.

According to the investigations carried out, the murder of her daughter Elizabeth Thomas and the injuries to the mother of soccer player Rodolfo Pizarro and the injuries to one of them are in a patrimonial crime.

Three days ago the soccer player left his asesinada Photo: Carlos Juárez

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Joined the family of Rodolfo Pizarro in Tamaulipas, who is the mother of the soccer player who turned out to be his father?

Rodolfo Pizarro bids his last farewell to his family member who was murdered in Tamaulipas

Once again I heard the version of the feeling that during the attack on the family that met in the house located in the calle Sor Juana Ines de la Cruzin the colony Extension Unity Nationalshots of fire were recorded and it was indicated that the woman died as a result of the coups.

Sobrevivientes del ataque se ecuentran estables

As well as the injuries of the mother of Pizarro and his cuñado also are for coups. Both people are located outside of the dangerous and stable.

It indicated that it was possible to confirm that at least two people were the ones who participated in joining the family
Pizarro, the night of the Saturday night.

And I assure you that it is to obtain the order of apprehension against one of the supposedly responsible people who you are fully identified with and that it is a person to whom the family trusts you.

The fiscal Barrios Mojica is accustomed to making more comments around arguing the secrecy of the case and the respect of the due process.


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