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FBI searches for a woman by her husband’s ass: “she could be in any place”

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A woman identified as Kimberlee Singler is wanted by him asesinate de dos de sus hijos; the crime occurred on December 19th and has not yet been located. In agreement with the authorities of Colorado, United States, in the search also participate elements of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBIby its acronyms in English) and until now there is no information that helps to deal with your paradero, “you could be in any place”, the authorities said.

As mentioned by the authorities, the 35 year old woman is reported for the crimes of asesinate, intent to abuse, child abuse and aggression against his children. Currently, the causes of what Kimberlee attacked her three children are unknown, causing the death of two of them and leaving one more injured.

The woman is hunted by the FBI. Photo: special.

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What do you know about the woman who asked her two boys?

Local media reported that on the night of December 19th, Kimberlee called 911 and reported that she was the victim of a violent robber inside her home. The woman asked about the support of the police and an ambulance, and she commented that she was hijos they were heralds. When the authorities arrived at the home and met them cares without life of two children aged 9 and 7; in the place there was also an 11 year old girl with herds.

The authorities moved to the hospital, in Kimberlee’s company, who were also found in the house and did not present any injuries. Within a few hours of being hospitalized, the woman left the hospital and did not contact the authorities. Upon carrying out the investigations, the detectives discovered that the woman’s version presented inconsistencies, which is why they solicited the jury for a arrest order en su contra.

The violent men occurred inside the woman’s house. Photo: special.

Was the woman arrested?

When the police came to the woman to notify her of the arrest she had escaped. Older people from Kimberlee commented that the suspect was last seen on December 24th and after the first time they had ever seen her. The police began an operation to deal with her guard, who feared that she was the one responsible for the asesinate of its dos hijos.

The wife confessed that Kimberlee and her ex-husband, Kevin Wentz, were in a legal battle over the custody of their three sons. Apparently, the woman had reported her abuse for gender violence and amenazas.

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