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Father Ociel Baena ensures that the tax code regarding the death of the magistrate is a failure to respect

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The father of the magistrates, señor Ociel Baena, during the home projects that were carried out in the state of Aguascalientes on Tuesday 14 November, I tried to avoid believing in the versions of the General State Tax (FGE) and I ask civil society not to abandon the case of its son Jesus Ociel, “let us not let ourselves be weary, let us not be impunity”.

In the same way, in the company of LGBTQ+ groups and activists, Ociel Baena ensured that the hydroelectric annex is mintiendo and “mockery” of the family’s intelligence, more people who pursue all lines of investigation, además de un processo con perspectiva de género.

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Jesus Ociel Baena visited Oaxaca before his death, this was his last publication: “I want to live here”

Who was Dorian Herrera, a sentimental match for the magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena?

“I ask my family that they are not contaminated with what the tax code says, it is a mistake in respect of the intelligence of all people, it is not certain what they are handling, and it would be a crime to fail to do so by emitiendo juicios “, I tell the man to break in front of his head

“Here I see that his game was not in vain”, said the father of the magistrates

Ociel Baena recorded that his son Jesus achieved his entire trajectory in the state of Aguascalientes, highlighting that the impulse first credential of the INE and the first passport with a non-binary gender case. He was also the first non-binary magistrate throughout the American continent.

“Ojalá all this that we live has an impact, we know that these games and movements are not enjoyed from night to morning, and that Jesus, where he was, see that his game was not in vain”, he said

In the country, documentation of the Letra S organization, indicates that Since 1995, 310 LGBT people have been identified: 1021 men, 265 trans women and 24 women. The average number of homicides in the last 10 years is 71.1 cases per year. The states where the most asesinatos have come against trans people in Mexico are the City of Mexico (36), State of Mexico (22), Chihuahua (20), Veracruz (19) and New León (17).

They are veiled throughout the country by the magistrates

On the night of this Monday, November 13, LGBTQ+ groups marched in the streets of different states of the Mexican Republic to seek justice for the death of the magistrates Jesús Ociel Baena inside a fraccionamiento in the state of Aguascalientes.

Including, Cynthia Baena, head of the electoral magistrate, has brought the official version of the General Tax of the State (FGE) to ensure that her part is identified as Dorian “N” asked Jesus and afterward he tried to fight his life. “Pasional crime, national lie”, was the sign that was sought after in the mediations of the Estela de Luz, in the Cuauhtémoc alcaldía of the City of Mexico.

Miles of people have gone up to the streets to seek justice in the case of the magistrates
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