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Famous YouTuber choca y stroza su deportivo de miles de pesos, so quedó

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Juanito Martínez is a youtubers with more than 890 million subscribers on its official video channel, and is dedicated to the purchase and sale of luxury cars; some prepare them to give them at a more expensive price, while others ask for them because they are their favorites, in particular, a Corvette C6 from 2005.

This car appeared on the day June 19, 2023, get close to where I bought it and here is a video to show it to your fans. In the video I showed it carriage shopsus llantas, rinesthe electrical part of the wagon, sus interiorsamong many other things, showing that it is a real boy.

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He was on favorite cars; this is how Juanito Martínez’s Corvette came about

The Corvette was damaged at the front. Credit: Instagram

From one moment to the next, you will never forget about it, you will always find yourself in your videos, your stories, within another content of yours social redes officials. Definitely on consent, and that’s it invited money to ensure that he is in the best possible way, he must have enough of his ability to run.

Six months later, Juanito Martinez I had an accident in this car, and it completely disappeared. In a video he made sure that he did not pass by her body, and he was completely safe. Anyway, I’ll say a little badI was still in shock, and sad because when I got home I noticed the vacancy that left the car on it cochera.

I ensured that it was all right and it was all the fault of a conductor with a contrary sentiment

The car was one of his favorites. Credit: Instagram

In another story, the influencer assured that he had an accident caused by a car that was driving around in a forbidden place, as well as passing the traffic light. Lamentably he was the one resulted in impact against the chofer who acted in a reckless manner on the road.

“Everything is fine, we are all fine, we don’t stop at all, thank you. I’m a little pained, a little saddened by the wave. I’m still in shock”, I say in my social circles.

The price of cars can vary greatly, and in different circumstances. Please keep in mind the original pieces, with the kilometres, among other things. En Internetthis car can be found from there 600 million pesos y hasta a mountain higher than million pesos in some cases.

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