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Famous YouTuber and his father died while studying in aviation, as he was the last video

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A famous one youtubers, who shared videos about aviation, lost his life in an airplane accident. Content creator Jenny Blalock, 45 years old, and her father James, 78, fell short of that aviation where the traveler wandered along a road in Tennessee, in the United States.

According to the authorities, the accident occurred in the last 11 minutes. Apparently, the woman performed a flight in the company of her father, when they lost control of the aircraft and estrellaron on a road in Pulaski, a town on the Alabama border, according to federal and county officials.

The woman was popular among her fans. Photo: special.

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He climbs through the emergency door of an aircraft at full flight and causes panic among passengers: VIDEO

VIDEO: father and son die in aviation accident, the man leaves the child piloting while the baby’s arms

Not a single person survived the accident

“It was simply devastating. It was again significant damage. Unfortunately, simply no hubo sobrevivientes”, I said the director of the Emergency Management Office of the County of Giles before the communication medium. The officer said that the bodies of the victims were hauled away from the aviationin a “remote” area with difficult access for people.

According to the information of the case, father and hija have deployed from Knoxville, until the embargo the aircraft deployed where they traveled 128 kilometers and only 16 kilometers to reach their destination. Now, the causes that caused the fatal accident are unknown, but the authorities will investigate.

The YouTuber died with her father. Photo: special.

Youtuber has just videos on how to act before a failure in an airplane

As the news of the death began to be known, dozens of Internet users recorded that youtubers I shared videos explaining what to do before mechanical failures in a aviation. In her last video, the creator of the container caught herself performing an emergency landing during an “aviation malfunction”.

On the other hand, the Blalock family confirmed this dead and they sent out a message saying that they were calm to know that their father and hija were there when the accident occurred.

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