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Famous priest dies by choking on a motorcycle against a truck in Aguascalientes

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A recognized priest of Aguascalientes I lost my life, where I had an accident motorcycle where I traveled. They took place last Saturday December 23rd in the community of San Francisco de los Romo. According to the official reports, the victim was identified as Jaime Saucedo Dávila, better known as “father Jimmy”.

Apparently, he was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle when it hit a truck de load. As a consequence of the fatal accident, the vehicle of the father “Jimmy” was completely destroyed, while the priest lost his life due to trauma to the thorax and abdomen. At the time of his death, the religious man was 37 years old and passed along road 55 to the height of the fraccionamiento Paseos de la Providencia.

His death was lamented by religious authorities. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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Where was the priest “Jimmy”?

Religious fieles reported that the parish priest was at the front of the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe – located in the municipality of San Francisco de los Romo -. The happy ones made sure that it was priest he had distinguished himself by distinguishing stereotypes, since he was driving one motorcycle He sought to find a younger population and even referred to rock bands, with the aim of connecting to a younger population and reaching out to young people with religion.

The news of the deceased was shared by the Obispado de Aguascalientes. After the death of Jaime Saucedo Dávila, happy people organized events to record the legacy and work of the priest in the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In the same way, the religious authorities urged the Catholic souls to raise a prayer to ask for the relief of the cure, who murió in an instant form between the choque.

The priest shared a video before his death. Photo: captura de pantalla.

The last images of the priest preceded his death

Remember that, now before his death, the priest shared a video in his social circles, where he recorded the importance of Christmas for the feligresses. “This Christmas is no surprise to us that we were able to receive a brotherly embrace from those people we love”, said father “Jimmy” in the last video he published on social networks.

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