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Famous international DJ reports robo de his truck in Mexico, they met quemada

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Dj Gordo is an international musical producer of Guatemalan origin, who flaunts his name Diamanté Anthony Blackmon. This is the end of the year turn first for other countries and cities Central Americawith the aim of recognizing local scenes, showing off their art and making some friends along the way.

Lamentably, luego de going up to a party in Mexico, lost sight of it truck en la que travel with everyone on the team. After a few minutes it was located on one side of the road and completely destroyed by the fire. All this seems to indicate that she was taking important things away from her.

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That’s how the truck arrived. Credit: Instagram @gordoszn

International DJ comes to Mexico and is victim of people who arrived on truck: they stuffed them on passport

From the moment narrated by my own DJ Gordo, Damn your papeles migratory migrants, included on my passport, for those who are now hoping to be able to return to the United States, and canceled his concert in UruguayI can say that you can’t take it in a private plane.

Across our social networks published the photograph de la truck hecha cenizashere’s a video to give you an explanation to your fans, please let me know esperaban in another country to break the floor with its tremendous sound. At the moment she can’t go home, in anticipation of the New Year.

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“I have bad news. Let’s talk about this day, but anyway, in Mexico we can’t meet the coke after the party. We went to the airport to take me to Punta del Este and we couldn’t meet the car and, 30 minutes later, we found the quenched car, on one side of the road, with all my things inside. Quemados my passport, my computer that held my album, my clothes. I don’t have stuff. I don’t have tarjetas. They quit all of me. I don’t have anything,” the producer said in a short video.

The right wine to give a concert in Mexico and it was forgotten. Credit: Instagram @gordoszn

Dj Gordo can return to Miami thanks to the authorities of Mexico and the US; they passed more than 30 hours

If you don’t know, you’ll find a species of it complaint part of its work team or the like, who could activate the investigation protocols of the authorities, and attach to the bottom of the account, quizás hasta give with the personas that if they came wrapped in the destruction. All because he made sure that others had been using his cards.

The most recent publication indicates that I can finally attach to You love me thanks to the much support of the authorities United States As in Mexico, it is possible to travel without your passport to your place of destiny. Overall, he promised to return to the Uruguay concert in just five days.

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