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Famous influencer accepts going up with an unknown person and suffering a terrible accident: “Don’t go to the car with a car”

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There influencers and Argentine model Antonela Pame was the victim of a serious injury accident vialwhere I accepted go up with a unknown. According to local media, the creator of the content traveled aboard a luxury car that flew to Punta del Este, Argentina, during the weekend of Saturday the 6th of January.

As a result of the accident, the influencer did not present any serious injuries and made sure that everything happened in one go. In the same way, she shared the details with her followers accident what cases cobra on life, ya that god to know that ilesa “de milagro” went up. It was through her Instagram account that the model broke the silence and told her fans the importance of always using it safety belt of the carriages.

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Influencer relates the minutes before the accident

The wagon was destroyed. Photo: special.

According to Antonela’s testimony, she met in a night club in Ocean Park, where she met a hombre who invited her to come up take a walk in your car in July. The container creator accessed to climb with it unknown and, in the company of one of his friends, he subjected himself to the BMW brand vehicle. Without embargo, minutes later, the man lost control of the unit and the cart went up flying by various metros.

Despite the accident, the driver of the vehicle was forced to escape, while the influencers and your friend will notify you of the corresponding authorities. As soon as the area where ambulances and police arrived, they ascertained the history of the young people as well as their state of health; at the latest hour, both of them were freed and the authorities began with the police’s request. conductor of the car.

The influencer left unharmed by the accident

The container creator came up unharmed. Photo: special.

The incident went viral in the social networks and communication media of Argentina, so the creator of the content appeared in its social networks to announce that she was found to be healthy. “Chicos we are on the sea recharging energy, after having chocado and you have to go back to the car. Chicos never suban to the car of a place, because we go back again,” she commented. influencers in his Instagram stories.

Also, the model shared videos where you can see how the vehicle was traveling through it accident. In the images you can see that the cart rolled over one of its sides. Because of what was in the grab, the cart landed on the patio of what seemed to be a house. Just to mention that neither the influencer nor the authorities have explained the causes why the driver lost control and turned on the car.

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