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Families require prompt aparición de polleros de Toluca

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Family members de los workers raised by a cell of the criminal organization of the Family Michoacana and the empresaria de la bodega de chicken located in Parques Nacionales en Tolucathey insisted on localization with life.

Karina Contrerasone of the demonstrators and two of the rastro, I said that they dejaron to pay the “derecho de piso” because it was unaffordable and each quincena had to ask for 950 million pesos, and the actual price charged was two pesos per kilo of meat.

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This morning the family members of the workers of a demanding secured polleria who were located. Photo: Gerardo Garcia

How many pollsters have been seized in Toluca?

I say that the situation of insecurity for the polleros in it Toluca, Zinacantepec and local municipalities, it is worrying, and I agree that they realize that the person detained in recent days, really belongs to the Michoacan family and is free from the illegal privation of the four workers who have been raised since the past year.

“Before the end of the day, I ask the authorities for protection for me, for my family and for my workers”: Karina Contreras.

The demonstration took place at the Palacio de Gobierno de Toluca where the names of the cautious people who are identified as:

  • Rigoberto Colín Consuelo
  • Jaime Ramos Reyes
  • Isidoro Díaz Casimiro
  • Eliseo Escobar Ramírez
The four poll workers who were seized. Photo: FGJ Edomex

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