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Fake currency racket was running from Nepal, supply was being done in UP-Delhi, 3 arrests

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Fake currency racket was running from Nepal, 3 arrests.

STF and Bhojipura police have arrested three smugglers with fake notes of Rs 27 lakh. These people were supplying the consignment of fake notes from Nepal to Bareilly in UP, Uttarakhand and Delhi. These dealers of fake notes were bringing notes from Nepal and consuming them in the market for a long time. STF and police have arrested three smugglers, the team has recovered fake notes worth Rs 27 lakh from them.

Bareilly STF along with Bhojipura police and Meerut STF of Bareilly have arrested three suspects by raiding Bhairpura village of Bhojipura on Thursday night. In the search, the police have recovered fake notes of five and two hundred rupees from them. Those caught include Harvansh Singh alias Sonu, a resident of Bhagwanpur in Pilibhit, Gurnam, a resident of Hazara, and Saddam, a resident of Bhairpura Khajuria in Bhojipura.

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Scam was going on for a long time

The accused told during interrogation that they have been doing the work of fake notes for a long time. This supply of fake notes was brought to Bareilly from Nepal. After which it was sent to Delhi including UP, Uttarakhand. The team has recovered 26 lakh 90 thousand notes and a bike from the caught smugglers. Seeing the police team, Prakash, a resident of Bhagwanpur Pilibhit, an officer from Khajuria, Sachin and Suresh from Nepal fled from the spot. Police teams are raiding to find them.

The officer is the leader of the gang

The caught smugglers told that they used to work for the officer who escaped from the spot. The officer had joined him about 1 year ago, and he used to give him commission after consuming fake notes. Along with the officer, many other people are also involved in this work.

According to police sources, the supply of fake notes used to come through Tanakpur, Banbasa and Palia in Uttarakhand. These people were doing this work by dodging the SSB and security agencies deployed there. The notes were mixed with the original notes and taken out of the border.

Used to get 3 lakhs instead of one lakh

Suresh is a resident of Nepal among the smugglers caught. According to the information, he used to bring fake notes from Nepal and he was also responsible for delivering those notes to Bareilly and other places. Smugglers told that they used to give fake notes of Rs 3 lakh instead of original note of one lakh.

The accused told that the first note of the fake bundle was real. Under that note, a bundle was made by putting a color photo copy of the original note and those people used to make people their victims in the same way.

BJP flag was on smuggler’s bike

Three mobile phones and a bike have been recovered from the smugglers caught by STF and police from Bhojipura. The accused had put the BJP flag on his bike. He used a bike to smuggle the notes.

Bareilly’s Fatehganj West police station had arrested 3 people during checking on the highway about 8 months ago. Fake notes worth Rs 3 lakh were recovered from the accused at that time. The names of the arrested accused were told as Shoaib, Pushpendra and Sheeba.

Eight of 200 and 500 of 5377 notes

Among the notes recovered by the team from the smugglers, there are 8 notes of 200, while 5377 notes of 500 have been recovered. Police sources believe that information is being collected about many more people active in this gang.

Bhojipura police and STF have arrested three smugglers, fake notes worth lakhs have been recovered from the accused. A case of cheating has been registered against him and investigation has been started. The accomplices of the smugglers are also being searched.

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