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Extortion coup in Edomex: five members of the Michoacan family are detained and one is killed

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The Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico informed through a press release that five persons, alleged members of the Michoacan Family dedicated to extortion, they were held in it Tenancingo place where they expect to brake against the authorities.

Mexican authorities launch a major coup against extortion in the Mexican state

According to the first declarations of the Mexican authorities through the social networks, thanks to this operative who could frustrate, además, the seizure of a merchant, who was the final objective of the victims, those quedaron secured together with your cars.

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Credit: SSC Edomex

“The appropriate follow-up to the complaints and the measures implemented by members of the SS to contain this illicit act in the entity, allowed the identification of this group which apparently committed crimes against the people of this demarcation”

Edomex experiences moments of tension with the extortion in the body

Four older men and a 15-year-old teenager came before the authorities. You are assured of driving in a Chevrolet brand car, such as I was blue in colorFrom the moment the gunshots began at the patrol of the State Police, but the army was more rapid, they rushed them and the footmen baulked at the car. At the time of repeat the attacksa subject was abandoned, and four other injuries.

Credit: SSC Edomex

“If it is urged to the citizens that in the event that they are the victims of these people, they must file a complaint to follow up on the case. In any part of the State and now the personnel of this institution are there to protect Mexicans and Mexicans”

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