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Exrectora engaged in alumnas and entregaba to paramilitaries, as it was on modus operandi

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Lúcila Inés Gutiérrez de Moreno was there rector of a college in the municipality of Charalá in Santander, Colombiawhence engañaba here alumnas who assisted in attending classes in the institution for which they were entregadas to men paramilitaries who end up abusing them.

Junto with a called man José William Parra Arroyavethe rector Gutiérrez allowed the abuses carried out by members of the front Municipality Cacique Guanentá de las extintas Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC), indicated a fiscal of the Specialized Directorate against Corruption cited by the local media El Universal.

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The rector Lúcila Gutiérrez was sentenced to prison for more than 20 years. Photo: El Universal Colombia

This was the criminal modus operandi of the rector

In agreement with the Colombian authorities, the director Lúcila Inés Gutiérrez took to the cabo el modus operandi between 2001 and 2003 where the woman allowed the victims to be systematically attacked by the leaders of the criminal structure.

The rector offered the alumnas in the bazares, reinados of beauty and other celebrations there that were in the sight of the people where they were including the paramilitaries. The investigation against Lúcila Gutiérrez was focused on the case of two victims who were arrested and suffered for prolonged periods of time the incidents of criminal cabecillas identified as:

  • Victor “N”.
  • Carlos “N”
  • Nariz “N”
  • Guitar “N”
  • Silvestre “N”
  • “Shuster “N”

Prior to the cases, the rector Lúcila Inés Gutiérrez was taken to the judiciary and was sentenced to spend 20 years and 9 months in prison accused of simple aggravated kidnapping crimes, violent carnal violence in a protected person, sexual esclavitud and forced dislocation.

The investigation found that at least 23 teenagers were joined by the paramilitary group, which included men, one of whom was abused on more than one occasion by armed men, in one case that was sentenced 20 years after the crimes committed.

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