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Explosion of the Del Valle colony: “It felt like a micro-earthquake”, the earthquake reported by the old people

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This is December 22, 2023, for the night, once strong explosion I found a destroyed house. Bombers of the City of Mexico and capital authorities confirmed that the accumulation of gas, in one of the departments, caused the major accident.

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Explosion in the Valle: an abuelita caught between the escombros

Colonia Del Valle: CDMX bombers report explosion in a house for gas accumulation | MAP

MAP of the area affected by the explosion in Colonia Del Valle

Following are the reports of the old people who live in the area Ángel Urraza and Calle de Providencia 1017the force explosion occurred like a microseism. First the strong explosion was heard, after a strong explosion and immediately, thousands of glass pebbles began to fall between the parked cars and the busy streets.

A old lady went up from the condominium shouting for help, with her clothes covered with dust and earthThe capital authorities immediately cordoned off the area and began to attend to the injured persons. Which at the moment there are 7, five with heridas leves; one more with injuries of consideration in the arms and finally a woman from the third country was reported as being caught in the woods of the bard it was that it collapsed due to the explosion.

The left part of the house that was destroyed. Image: Bomberos CDMX

Other elderly people contacted the Civil Protection authorities asking for help in detecting that their homes had complaints on the stairs and damage in some structures caused by the violent explosion. The emergency elements keep the area connected and keep the neighbors away from the area to avoid a tragedy that will be linked to collapse the houseidentified with a condominium with 4 departments.

Old people tell us how the explosion took place in the Del Valle colony

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