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Explosion of the Del Valle colony: a 65-year-old woman dies, captured by the attackers

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The President of the Government of the City of Mexico, Martí Batres, confirmed this December 22, 2023, for the night, the death of a 65 year old ladyafter recording a strong explosion on the streets of the Del Valle colonyin the hothouse Benito Juárez.

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Explosion of the Del Valle colony: “It felt like a micro-earthquake”, the aerator reported by the old people | VIDEO

In a short message to the group of reporters who are gathered there Calle de Providencianumber 1017, and Ángel Urraza, Martí Batres detailed that after several hours of removing the waste, without a heavy machine, he found himself on the body of a 65-year-old woman. The Gobierno jefe explained that the capital authorities were as much as the family of the fouled woman to facilitate the attempts to recover the body of her family member.

A woman dies by explosion in the Del Valle

El total balance of the explosion en la Del Valle colony there were 6 injured people, 2 of the serious ones who were transported to the hospitals most wanted, 4 more who were looked after by the rescue teams in the area and a woman, aged 65, who lost her life at the time of the explosion.

Vecinos tells how the explosion happened

A group of old men, interviewed by means of communication, said that the woman who fell ill within the affected family was the victim of a strong gas olor because he went up from the department to seek refuge, but returned to alert his neighbors and in this moment it was when the explosion caused a wall and part of his loss derrumbe quedando atrapada.

Another group of old people, looking for the damaged condominium, reported that the explosion had recorded the sensation that caused them microseism. “It felt like a magnitude 9 earthquake”a neighbor confessed to the communications medium who contacted her.

Map of the area affected by today’s explosion

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