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Explosion of Colonia Del Valle: video reveals the exact moment when the building closes to the huge condominium

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This Monday, December 25, 2023, the light rose video where the exact moment is shown in which one explosion he sold a condominium building in the area Del Valle colonyalcaldía Benito Juárez, in Mexico City.

A 65 year old woman died due to the explosion

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Explosion of the Del Valle colony: a 65-year-old woman dies, captured by the attackers

Explosion of the Del Valle colony: “It felt like a micro-earthquake”, the aerator reported by the old people | VIDEO

Last December 22, 2023, the accumulation of gas due to a leak caused a large explosion inside a department, located in the Calle de Providencia 1017en la Del Valle colonydejando the balance of a dead person and 6 more injured, además of various tones of escombros and effects in less than 80 lives alrededor of the explosion zone.

The video that circulates in the national media is observed as a security camera, placed on the patio of one of the departments, captures the exact moment of the flame and subsequently how to secure the entire condominium, pulling a part of the door, thieves and various others objects.

At the moment, capital authorities keep the explosion area under surveillance and in line with the hope of experts and workers who help remove the waste. Also determine whether the structure will tend to be demolished or simply strengthened. Some old people affected by the explosion should remain alert and more confident of the local authority to avoid a major tragedy.

This is how the department came about due to the violent explosion

A woman died due to the explosion. Imagen: Cuartoscuro
Old people feared that a micro-earthquake ended in tearing down the condominium. Imagen: Cuartoscuro
Old people confessed that the explosion felt like a microearthquake. Image: Freepik

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