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Exploit the pyrotechnics and cause panic among the people: VIDEO

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In Ecuador a pyrotechnic device was installed in a commercial area and caused panic to enter the populationthe images recorded on video demonstrate the strangeness that can lead to being the hearts and more in an area where they inhabitants if you find so many questions.

The account of social redesfrom which it is observed how to all pass with tranquility the late part of the day December 24th in the city of Chine located in the province of Manabiwhen the ready start explosion.

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In the video you see how a fire drill alerted the people who were sometimes panicked by the streetwalker, who started to rise up with fire and humour, after which chirps went up and different disparate fellows made multiple directions while those present ran to take refuge.

In the middle of the area the explosion occurred due to the heat Photo: X @ActualidaViral

The greatest strength of the explosion It lasts for a minute and at the end of the grab you’ll see how the improvised post that I used to get back to dinner but then go up the same chispas and humo. From acuerdo to mediums locales the intense heat was the cause of the explosion; However, this has not been confirmed by the authorities.

An explosion has alerted people who are looking for Photo: X @ActualidaViral

At the moment, no injured people are reported, but material damage occurs in local areas.

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