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Ex-vicepresident of Ecuador seeks political asylum in Mexico: “life runs dangerous”

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Jorge Glassformer vice president of Ecuador, took political asylum Mexicothe politician is being investigated for embezzlement in controversial activities following an earthquake in 2016, which occurred during the management of Rafael Correa, so God knows about his father Eduardo Franco.

“It’s confirmed, that’s what I can say,” Franco simply said to AFP via a phone call. La antigua dupla del entonces socialist mandatary Rafael Correa (2007-2017) took refuge in the sun Mexican embajada de Quitowhence it remains as huésped.

Jorge Glass took refuge in the Mexican embassy of Quito, where he remains as he was sent Photo: Instagram jorgeglasespinel

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Jorge Glass, former vice president of Ecuador, takes refuge in Mexico

The Fiscalía investigates the former vice president (2013-2017) about the “case of reconstruction of Manabí”, a coastal province, in the center of the Ecuadorian Pacific, devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake last year. Glass “keeps going to the Tax Office to return its version but it is not going to be detained (…) We record that in 2016 there was an earthquake and there were abuses and it is going to be prosecuted for sin”, I said the Miércoles the Tax of Ecuador , Diana Salazar, in interview with CNN in Spanish.

In another separate trial, Glas was sentenced in December 2017 to six years of imprisonment for the corruption plot of the Brazilian firm Odebrecht. In 2022 he will obtain his conditional freedom. “There is no order of detention, there is simply a figure to invite him to return a version to the Tax Court,” Salazar insisted.

He was vice president during the government of Rafael Correa Photo: Instagram mashirafaeloficial

“It’s a measure to protect your life”: abogado of the former Ecuadorian vice president who took asylum in Mexico

Franco assures that the application for asylum in Glas is a remedy to protect “your life, your physical integrity”. “He runs dangerously in his life, his arrest is to bring him to death,” he also said on CNN.

The violence of the narco found its nest in the prisons of the country, which have been converted into centers of criminal operations and battle fields. Since February 2021, there have been at least a decade of chokehold battles between rival gangs, which have killed more than 460 inmates.

The Minister of Government (interior), Mónica Palencia, said the miracles on the street of the press that when they entered the presence of Glass in the Mexican embajada “if I use a cart of the police and police” to the editor of the diplomatic headquarters, located in the north of Quito.

In the last few years, Mexico It provided asylum or refuge to other former officials of Correa’s government, such as excanciller Ricardo Patiño and deputies Soledad Buendía, Carlos Viteri and Gabriela Rivadeneira. El popular former representative Correa he is also condemned to eight years of imprisonment for corruption and lives in exile in Bélgica.

The youth, the Parliament – in which correctness is the main force, without being mayor – will reunite the youth with the necessary votes to approve a motion to authorize the penal dismissal of Glass due to the fact that the aforementioned sin occurred when it was cleared as vice president, so that your legal situation must be resolved by the Supreme National Court of Justice.

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