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Ex-President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori is imprisoned by order of the Constitutional Tribunal

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El Tribunal Constitucional de Peru This Tuesday ordered the excarceration, for humane reasons, of the ex-president Alberto Fujimori, he has been sentenced to 25 years in a special prison in Lima for crimes against humanity.

At 85 years old, Fujimori suffered from tongue cancer, ear fibrillation, hypertension, among other complaints. His exoneration will probably be very effective, I will say in his defense and the fuentes of the Instituto Nacional Penitenciario.

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Inter-American Court of Human Rights requests Peru not to free Alberto Fujimori

Order to free former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori, convicted for the death of 25 people

In an inexcusable foul, the magistrates returned the pardon that had been awarded to the ex-president in 2017.

The government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018) granted the return of grace to Fujimori for humane reasons, but Peruvian justice revoked it, awaiting a request from the Inter-American Court of Derechos Humanos (IDH Court) in favor of the victims of the ex-manager who ruled with the hand of the hierro between 1990 and 2000.

The Constitutional Tribunal justified the decision, alleging Fujimori’s “resquebrajada” health. At the same time he reported that the ex-mandatory “has approximately fulfilled the two third parts of his sentence”, which makes him the beneficiary of the pardon.

Last week, the same court ordered the release of Fujimori, but the judge Vicente Fernández was declared not competent to authorize his release from prison, with the fact that the case went to the Constitutional Tribunal, which this Tuesday failed to issue a final ruling .

Since 2009, Fujimori has been convicted of crimes against humanity in the criminal Barbadilloa small prison for ex-presidents in the east of Lima, for the death of 25 people in two massacres committed in 1991-1992 by an army officer who accused them of being the supreme warriors of the Shining Path.

Cases 25 years after losing power, his figure still divides the country.

Compliant and happy

A group of Fujimori supporters arrived at the criminal with white shirts printed with the phrase “Fujimori libertad”. The public force redacted the surveillance outside the prison, following images of private television.

“The president has shown himself to be very compliant, he has returned with much joy to the mandate” of the judges, manifested the abogado Elio Riera, on his way out of the prison from which the ex-presidents Alejandro Toledo and Pedro CastilloThis last prisoner was just a year old for his failed attempt to dissolve the Congress.

“It does justice to a man who has done so much in Peru”, celebrated congressman Alejandro Aguinaga of Popular Force, the party of Keiko Fujimorithe ex-president’s hija mayor.

Despite the embargo, the victims of the government thus affected the decision of the games. A group of three people, with flowers and photos of university students arrested by the military escuadrón, gathered in front of the palace of justice chanting the cry “the pardon is an insult”.

“This is a crime, an attack on the justice that we keep the families of the victims,” ​​I told AFP Carmen Amaro, sister of the student Armando Amaro Cóndor, victim of the massacre at the University of La Cantuta in 1992.

Likewise, the Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos strongly condemned the decision to consider that the same should be referred to the IDH Court. “The international community carefully observes this desafío to international legality,” he added in a press release.

Carlos Rivera, abogado of the victims of the Barrios Altos and Cantuta massacres, also assured that the TC’s decision is a “point of concern” in the relationship between Peru and the inter-American system.

Fujimori will recover his freedom among various turns around his controversial case. In 2017 he received the pardon for human rights, but the benefit was canceled in 2019 by the Supreme Court to be returned in March 2022 by the Constitutional Tribunal.

When last year’s excarceration seemed imminent, the Inter-American Court asked Peru that it should free Fujimori and must review the return of the families of the asylum seekers for the army in the twentieth century.

Known as “El Chino”, Fujimori was very popular for his role against the Maoist guerrilla of the Shining Path, whose main leaders were captured. Todavía continued some remaining activities dedicated exclusively to drug trafficking in the central forest of the country.

In November 2000, amid growing opposition for 10 years of government, Fujimori became Japanthe land of his ancestors, and returned by fax to the presidency.

He held absolute power to carry out an “self-coup” on April 5, 1992, dissolving Congress and intervening the Judicial Power.

Fujimori receives four judicial sentences for crimes against humanity and corruption, the mayor of which has been in prison for 25 years.

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