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Ex-exotic bailarina tells the criminals of her job, I’m on the verge of dying at the hands of an alleged narco

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Lola became an exotic dancer because she needed it money to support your life, and also to maintain to your little one hija. The father was supposedly a sujeto irresponsible no one would give her any help. En ese entonces she was one actriz of theater, also it was secretaryadministrator, between others, you can do nothing solvency necessary.

The main invitation from one of his friends was to be hostess of an alleged restaurantebut later she was informed that she would actually become an exotic dancer, but she accepted the invitation for the economic offer, as she told it in the content creator’s podcast, Charlie Galleta for YouTube. From then on she experienced some engaging, entertaining moments and good friendships, but also moments of great anguish, and even so many times. lose your life.

Lola told her best and best and stories as a bar worker. Credit: Charly Galleta / YouTube

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Ex-exotic bailarina reveals that she is trying to lose her life, while others are struggling with her work

On one occasion, Lola he received an offer to go up to the bar and accompany one of his customers, presumably a member of the organized crime; Although she didn’t want to meet him in the beginning, the gift offered her the candor of 10 million pesos to spend an hour with him. Regrettably, I say that I am convinced of one pescadilla.

In the first place he forced her to return alcoholin a specific way mezcal; Afterwards, he experienced moments of terror on the road hotelwhence the full delirium of persecution has not yet been met with one policieshere we talk about “patrón” and including it they listened. He may also notice that the workers of the company were given propina of a thousand pesos.

Lola went to work at a bar to keep her hija. Credit: Imagen de vecstock en Freepik

Lola can leave the place and save her life

The next thing was to inform her, amusing by destroying your cell you can grab it; he also intended to make sure he consumed one drug known as Poppers, international authorities have documented that it is a substance that is consumed by inhaling and increases euphoria or excitement sexual of the people who consume it. How Lola denied herself because she doesn’t consume drugsthe sujeto sacó on weaponif I use it there cabezaif he started to return, and even the amenazó.

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Lola He begged for his lifeI told you that I had a bag of two years, because of the reason why advirtió who only took a minute to grab his things and leave the area. She went up running, he took a taxi from the street, and immediately communicated immediately with the encargados of the Cafe. After a while he followed her looking for the man from where she worked, and one day they met him deadreason why I had to molest her finally.

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