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EU Congress to investigate political justice against Biden

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La Cámara Baja de United Statesof the Republican mayor, approves this miracle of formalizing the political judiciary investigation (‘impeachment’) launched by the conservatives against the president, Joe Biden.

These questions were opened in September in unilateral form by the current president of this House, Kevin McCarthy, and the republicanos They now hope for validation by 221 votes in favor and 212 against to facilitate access to information, documents and testimonies.

“There Casa Blanca is blocking testimonies keys”, criticized in the parliamentary debate the president of the Comité de Vigilancia de la Chamber of RepresentativesJames Comer, who is at the front of this investigation and who calls it “important and necessary”.

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Republicans have their sights set on the Biden family’s stores

Opposition accuses Biden of having used his influence when he was vice president of the EU in Barack Obama’s government. PHOTO: Special

Los republicanos Keep the family’s top shops in focus Biden with “adversaries” from the country like China, addressing their political laces.

The opposition accuses the democratic representative of having used his influence when he was vice president of United States in Barack Obama’s government (2009-2017) to help his son Hunter other familiar people in one of the most irregular business dealings with these “enemies”. Comer coordinates las pesquisas with the representatives of the Comité Judicial, Jim Jordan, and the Comité de Medios y Arbitrios, Jason Smith.

In this time, following the now president of the Lower House, the Republican Mike Johnson as well, the committees have concluded that the Biden family They received more than 15 million dollars from companies and foreign governments from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and China between 2014 and 2019. Their members received more than 9 million.

I want the president and his family to “think about his corruption”

The Constitution of the EU states that the president can be removed from office in a political judiciary as a “crime or grave crime”. PHOTO: Special

Hunter Biden He had summoned this miracle to declare the door closed to the respect, but he ignored the summons by alleging that he wanted his testimony to be public.

It was reported after Comer, who plans to report them desacatothe fact that the boy needs to be told today refers to the need for the hemicycle to formalize the investigation and for the president and his family “knows about his corruption”.

“These people don’t work for the states, but for Donald Trump,” Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern lamented in the debate, so the investigation into the March is a continuation of the “cruzada” undertaken by the Republicans to reverse the presidential results of 2020.

The Constitution of United States It is established that the president can be removed from his cargo in a future political juicio yes cometió “delitos o faltas graves”.

Llegado el momento, la Chamber of Representatives must vote is presented cargos against the actual mandate, but the power to dismiss to the president of the country rests subsequently in the Senate, from which the democrats They actually have control.

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