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EU asks Russia to protect Navalny’s body without conditions of his family

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United States declared these elections to the Government of Vladimir Putin who enters the body without conditions Alexei Navalny to your family, after the complaints from your mother, who confirms that Russia he is attending to celebrate a funeral in a secret place.

“The parents must turn them over to their children (…) and recognize that, in fact, they are responsible for them disappearance“, stated on the street the spokesperson of the National Security Council, John Kirby.

The leader’s mother opponent I made a mistake, I spent the week spent in prison, I asked the authorities to amend her so that I could keep her kid in it secretso that their supporters cannot get rid of the president’s number one enemy, Vladimir Putin.

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What does the package of sanctions that the EU will launch against Russia consist of?

According to Kirby’s confirmation this week, the target of the sanctions will be “responsibility” in Russia for the death of Navalny. PHOTO: X

Kirby I explained that it is not possible to confirm that the song has been produced but I stated that it is necessary that the mother can receive it on body and “to be able to adequately remember” about “worth and courage” and “to do all the things that any mother would want to do when losing a child in such a tragic way.”

The spokesperson does not want to forward any information about the package sanciones contra Russia que United States will launch many days after the death of the opposing leader.

Next, Kirby confirmed his goal this week sanciones it will be “responsible” to Russia for the death of Navalny and punish the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, for the “ferocity” and “brutal” war that is raging against Ukraine.

Biden makes Russia responsible for Navalny’s death

The past comes, shortly after the death of NavalnyBiden gave a speech in the White House in which he directly held Putin responsible for the fallacy and advised that he was evaluating “different options” to respond to what happened.

Navalny47 years old, he failed after feeling bad about taking a walk in the prison where he was imprisoned and, although the medical services attempted to resuscitate him “during more than half hour”, he ended up losing his life, following the Russian penitentiary services.

Navalny I was reminded in 2020 of a treatment plan with the chemical agent Novichok and my health had a lot of cause for growing concern after it was announced in the summer months between March and April of 2021, the weeks in which I lost a lot of weight.

The mother and life of Navalny they have discussed the version of the Russian authorities on the death of opposition leader and they demanded that they approach the corpse of the politician to find out what was the cause that led them to lose their life.

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