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Esperanza puts Tláhuac CDMX to a female international hitman who was sentenced to prison for 5 million pesos

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When Esperanza llegó to achieve trabajo in a bar located above it Tláhuac Avenue in the south of the city of Mexico I never imagined that I would be tied to him organized crimeya, who was the person who contracted her Samantha Pérezthe hija of the leader of the Tláhuac signFelipe de Jesús Pérez, alias “El Ojos”.

Esperanza began to get involved in the crime organized by keeping a paper inside the hitman, the people who get money, who in Esperanza’s case, got it for 5 million pesos. Just need to indicate your objective to enter into operation. One of them would take her to the public domain as she acted against a foreign man to whom she sat in a popular shopping plaza of the CDMX.

Esperanza met another criminal in the Plaza Artz. Photo: Cuartoscuro

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What was the crime for the one who caught Esperanza?

Last July 24, 2019, Esperanza figured in public opinion when the execution of a man was reported inside the Artz Pedregal plaza located in an exclusive area south of the capital, the victim was a foreigner of Israeli origin who was identified how Benjamin Yeshurun ​​Sutchi.

I transcended that the man from Israel was an international criminal who was accused of stealing money, which was the new job that he commended to Esperanza when she was captured by the police of the capital, God a first version of what he had done to the victim for a payment of 5 million pesos, although later he managed to receive 25 million.

Esperanza was sentenced to 26 years in prison. Photo: Special

Esperanza was told the time and place where Yeshurun ​​Sutchi would be on the 24th of July. Inside the Plaza Artz, the 34 year old woman who went to the victim, she rose from the table where she hoped and disappeared to Benjamin Yeshurun ​​Sutchi who was accompanied by Azulay Alon, another Israeli.

The woman helped other gunslingers who distracted the security of the plaza so that Esperanza could come up, but among a police officer she was captured. At the moment of being detained, the youth told me that the crime had happened coming for one infidelityalthough it didn’t take long to decide the truth: it was hitwoman. Esperanza was sentenced to 26 years de carcel and remains imprisoned.

Esperanza was a hitman who paid 5 million pesos for work. Photo: X


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