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Escopolamine, the powerful drug that destroys memory and is lethal for victims hooked up on Tinder

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Omer It follows to get the quote with one of your contacts Tinder and the place where it was true was in the city Medellín, Colombia. The only thing he remembered was that the woman he went up with was “lovely” as long as she thought I sleep without being able to record anything more than what happened that night. Omer was the victim of escopolamine, a powerful drug thatrecuerdos wad”.

Before losing your conscience, Omer Bloch He returned to his home in the company of the person he knew in the red social network. She took a look and now she is where she can record what she experienced. The next morning the man who is the businessman, despised without his belongings, was spoiled by the woman who placed the escopolamina in her neck.

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Escopolamine is used in drinks. Photo: Archive

So he was drugged and drugged with escopolamine

The 28-year-old businessman looked to his doctor to let him know what had caused him to not record any of the last moments he lived with his Tinder mention. The diagnosis he received was that there were reports of escopolamine, a drug that is used everywhere in foreigners who come to Colombia seduced by night life and reggaeton, according to AFP.

“It was difficult to stop the camera. It was like summer borracho. I went to my desk and noticed that my iPad wasn’t there…, I also took out my card and my credit cards. At least now I’m a computer”, I told the manager in conversation with AFP to record what happened in the 2021 finals.

Bright residential towers stand on the steep avenues of El Poblado, the favorite neighborhood of foreigners like Bloch. “She thought she was just a bigger girl, a bigger girl,” laments the “digital nómada” or remote entrepreneur who works while traveling. The number of foreigners visiting Medellin rose from 212 million in 2015 to 1.4 million in 2022.

But violent deaths “increase in the average that increases the number of visitors”, says William Vivas, defender of human rights of the local alcaldía. The entity recorded 32 foreign victims in 2023, 7 for a hundred more than in the previous year. The Tax Office expects 82 cases of foreigners victims of “toxic substance damage” in 2022.

The employer was hooked up on Tinder so he would be drugged. Photo: Freepik

Effects of escopolamine

The day after his unfortunate quote, Bloch despaired with a strong pain in his head. “I just recorded looking at her cuello to drink her and then … ¡Clic !, absent”, he said. Alleged by Bloch they took him to a hospital where they detected traces of escopolamine, which is outside of the tree Brugmansia, known as “borrachero” for its psychotropic effects.

The substance is prohibited in Colombia, but “the plant has a very wide distribution throughout the territory”, including in urban areas, he explains Diana Pava, toxicologist of the psychoactive substance investigation group of the National University. Delincuentes remove the escopolamine of the black seeds of the fruits and hide it diluted in the drinks of the victims.

“There are people who can get drowsy (when consuming it). Others can get amnesia…, they also have taquicardia, hypertension and convulsions”, warned Diana Pava.

In high doses and combined with alcohol, it can be lethal. Also, Pava says, it is unusual to detect escopolamine so the body eliminates it quickly.

With information from AFP.


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