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Escándalo in Ecuador: arrest of jueces and taxes controlled by the narco

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En Ecuador they took off at the various ends detentions de jueces y fiscals which are reported to work for them narcotraficinformed the fiscal general of the country, Diana Salazarwho expressed that the operative who carried out the crime of these games is the “greatest in the history against corruption and drug trafficking”.

The detentions were against the 30 fiscals y jueces as part of the named case Metastasisindicated the tax general Salazar in a video that was distributed in the social circles, investigation that is concerned about the death of the drug trafficker Leandro Noreroreleased in 2022 in a prison.

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On this page, the fiscal Diana Salazar gives details of the operation carried out by the drug, as well as the results that have culminated the investigation, and advances of the same, from which I say that it will formulate cargoes against the Wilman Terána former judge of the National Court of Justice who is currently the president of the Judicial Council, reported.

The Metástasis case is “a clear x-ray of how drug trafficking has taken place in the institutions of the State to deal with money badly allowed to operate from judicial and political instances and to avoid impunity in some cases”, Salazar said in his discussion.

Wilman Terán, president of the Judicial Council, was arrested in the case, the body responsible for administering the judicial function in the country, which deals with the increase in drug trafficking and criminal violence.

Taxes, justice, penitentiary and police guidelines, including an ex-general who worked within the body that administers prisons, also involved in the investigation, which resulted in the death of drug trafficker Leandro Norero, arrested in 2022 in prison.

His death resulted in a prison massacre that lasted three days and resulted in a treachery of deaths and more than 60 deaths in October of last year. Norero, who was 36 years old, was known by the alias de “El Patron” and he was also hunted by Peru.

The Norero gang was dedicated to “various criminals who have a relationship with corruption, drug trafficking, violent deaths, deprivation of activists and more”, signaled the police in the same social red. In the 75 simultaneous attacks the uniforms paid more than 40,000 dollars, three weapons, 100 cartridges and explosives.

“Hoy el término narcopolitics In Ecuador it has been highlighted, we are not surprised, because we can see how the criminal structures have permeated the institutions”, Salazar said; but he warns that the response to the operative “will be an escalation of violence” in the country.

With information from AFP.

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