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Ernestina Godoy: FGJCDMX advances to become an institution in which people trust

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There General Tax of Justice of the City of Mexico (FGJCDMX) advances the goal of becoming an institution where people care confiance; where are the best fiscal agents and agents located Ministerio Públicodetectives from the Investigative Police and experts who know how to procure justice, pointed out in the title Ernestina Godoy Ramos.

At the end of the day the reopening of the Fiscalía de Investigación Territorial en Iztacalco and the Territorial Coordinations IZC-2 and IZC-3, the authority of the city manifested that over the course of five years it has been linked to these results, which do not belong to a single person, but rather to a large work team conformed to profesionales.

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Realize the reopening of the Fiscalía de Investigación Territorial in Iztacalco
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FGJCDMX mejora su imagen ante la ciudadanía

Destacó, además, que el ambién permitido mejorar en el como ve il imaginario social to the institution and, he pointed out, “this is very gratifying, not because of an ego question, because we have more confidence, we should look after more people, we should have less black money”.
Compared to the previous one, Godoy Ramos pointed out that although it involves suffering from politics, the institution is not for politics, so much as to bring justice to the people who care and avoid impunity.

To refer to the remodeling and reopening of the social representations of the cities, I say that they form part of the transformation that has been sought and worked on in favor of the people, and that it is not just a change of name of Procuraduría in Fiscalía; He, he said, encourages them to have suitable installations in the new way in which they seek to attend to the people and in which they can desempeñar their activities and the public servants.

He expressed that “if we have better working conditions in every sense, we will offer better returns, more happy and calmer to receive these stories that we receive every day and that sometimes we agobian.”

We will be looking for, I say, the best conditions for building a Tax different to the service of the people, with the experience of those who work in the institution, working on new models of care created to wait for the citizenshipbut especially for women.

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Let’s channel all the efforts to make the fight delitos of high impact, without waiting to wait for everything that comes with it, I say.
On the other hand, I pointed out that the renovations are done with public funds, public money, so that people need to work on certain installations to ensure that they are maintained in optimal conditions.

Ernestina Godoy is recognized by distinguished organizations of the CDMX

On the other hand, Raúl Armando Quintero Martínez, alcalde de Iztacalcohappiness to the Fiscal Ernestina Godoy Ramos for the remodeling of the Fiscalía de Investigación Territorial en dicha caldía and the territorial coordinations IZC-2 and IZC-3, the which, I say, are dignified and transparent spaces to procure justice.

En tanto, Ingrid Gómez Saracíbar, secretary of las Mujeres en la City of Mexicomanifested that the effort to provide better service to people is consolidating in the improvement of the installations, which means having worthy spaces not only for them and their users, but also for those who work in them.

Work on the best services and installations of FGJCDMX
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Finally, the President of the Citizens’ Council for Security and Justice of the City of Mexico, Salvador Guerrero Chiprés, signaled that the fiscal Ernestina Godoy is the representative of a leader who maintains many qualities, capacity for reliability, order and supervision, a commitment extended during decayed, and who is sending a very concrete message of the possibilities that hold the prosecution of justice in the City of Mexico.

“I believe that here there is a confirmation, also of a virtue that holds the leadership of Ernestina Godoywhich is precisely to integrate into a team that is so generously incorporated and compromised,” he pointed out.

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