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Erika died after saving her twins from a fire in Monterrey; so was the last goodbye

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A woman identified with the name of Erika Pérez Zavala I lost my life redeem to sus hijos of an overnight fire in its localized life Monterrey, New Leon. At the end of the week, family members and friends said their last goodbyes to him, highlighting the act of valor that he achieved for his family.

Let us record that the medicine of the Viernes was recorded a lot fire in a house located on Calle Héroes de Nacozari of the colony Talleres. However, during the disaster, Erika he decided to save his sons —Sergio and Tadeo— and when he tried to climb up the site, he got caught between their names.

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This is how Erika rescued her children from the fire in Monterrey

The fire occurred in the Talleres colony. Credits: Facebook/Informativo365.

On February 2nd, a fire was reported in a residence in the colony Talleres belonging to the municipality of Monterrey, New Leon. En dicho siniestro, the mother of the family Erika Pérez Zavala fallacy after having rescued his fire fighters.

And it is that from the knowledge of the middle of the country, that the woman was descended from her twin sons of 12 years of age by the middle of a twenty of the second floor of the house. In this sense, the father of the minors was the one who asked them to look at the exterior of the house.

It weighs on the fact that the woman’s cometió toda an action of rescate because of their little ones, the humidity and the high temperatures made them lose their life. So, on his body I found myself in one of the houses of the burned home and now the local authorities are carrying out the investigative necessary for them sinister.

Say final goodbyes to Erika, the woman who died to save her children from the fire in Monterrey

Family members look forward to Erika this weekend. Credits: Facebook.

Late this Saturday, February 3rd, family and friends Erika Pérez if reunited in the capillas Protecto Deco located in the center of Monterrey. During the meeting, her evenings asked her for a homecoming to the woman who practically loved her life for her hijos.

Alongside the despatch act, the assistants not only expressed their sadness due to the failure of the Erika. Also, her evenings wondered about her mother’s sacrifice, expressed her solidarity with her family and highlighted the importance of unity in complicated situations.

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