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Environmental Contingency today February 23rd: vehicles that are exempt from the “Hoy no circulation”

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The Comisión Ambiental de la Megapolis (CAME) maintains in force Phase 1 of the atmospheric contingency of the environment in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de México released on February 22nd, so that restrictions will be established for certain vehicles with the aim of reducing the emission of contaminants and combating the deterioration of air quality.

Around this time on February 23rd, Camegalópolis will restrict the circulation of cars with Holograma 0 and 00, thus an ozone concentration of 167 ppb was detected in the Ajusco Medio station, located in the hot springs Tlalpan of the City of Mexico.

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Vehicles that are exempt from the “Hoy No Circula” for February 23rd

Electric vehicles and with eco-friendly registration are exempt from restrictions
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The vehicles electrical And hybrids We are not subject to the established regulations for the “Hoy No Circula” program. Likewise, taxis can also run from 5:00 to 10:00 hours without importing the holograma, so the authorities can try to support the movement of citizens. In continuation, the rest of the cases are included in those that can be exempted from the program

  • Private vehicles that require transport urgently
  • Urban service vehicles (ambulances, public transport, bombers, civil protection)
  • School transports
  • Transport of residues or toxic materials
  • Motorcycles (Phase I)
  • Conductors with disabilities who ask for permission to leave the program

Vehicles that form part of the “Hoy No Circula”

At the same time, the cars with Hologram 0 and 00 where termination is 9 and 0; holograma 1 with endings of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 0, as well as all units with Hologram 2 they form part of the “Hoy no circula” and should be avoided on the day of February 23rd.

What is the fine for violating the Hoy No Circula?

Please note that violating this regulation may result in one fine economy that corresponds 20 to 30 times the Unity of Medicine and Actualization (UMA). This patrol between 2 mil 74 and 3 mil 886 pesos for the residents of the CDMXwhile those in the Mexican state will have to pay 460 thousand pesos.

The authorities published a series of recommendations to reduce the emission of contaminants, while it is necessary to carry out work remotely, avoid the use of aerosols, paints, waterproofing; refill gas after 6pm; repair and supervise domestic gas leaks and reduce the use of fuels in the home.

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