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Environmental contingency: this fine is not respected if you respect the “Hoy No Circula”

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I owe it to the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (CAMe) inform you that you keep the Phase I of atmospheric environmental contingency for ozone in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valle de Mexico (ZMVM), if some restrictions have been applied there circulation of the vehicles in the area. Let’s tell you how much it is fine yes no las cumples.

And that’s it CAMe god to know that everything would go by morning, Comes February 23rdif you hope that the quality of the air will go away “bad” to “muy bad” en la ZMVMdue to distinct factors between which arouse the high social radiation and the weak wind which will favor the formation of ozone.

Following reading:

Environmental contingency on CDMX: What vehicles are on the road on February 23rd?

Activate the first environmental contingency in the CDMX: What are the restrictions for the population?

These are the cars that are not in circulation this February 23rd

In addition to the basic recommendations for the population such as not to remain in the open air for long periods, the authorities informed that these Comes February 23rd you will have to suspend circulation — from 5:00 to 22:00 hours of the day — the following particular units:

  • those who have verification holograma 2;
  • If you have a type 1 verification holograma with the last numeric digit being 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 0 or so, the serial number is conformed only to the letters.
  • those who have verification holograma “0 and 00”;
  • those who have blue gum;
  • those who have plate endings 9 and 0.
These are the carriages that don’t circulate every day. Credits: X.

This is the fine for circular in environmental contingency

In case your vehicle combines with its features cars If you cannot circulate in the morning, it is advisable to note the indication in the corresponding hours or otherwise, you may be subject to a fine. How much would it mean?

The fines could exceed 3 million pesos. Credits: X.

De acuerdo con las leyes en materia, la sanction to circulate with your cart across the width of a restricted day it goes from 20 to 30 Medical and Actualization Units (UMA). Say that you can ascend more or less between the 2 million 171 and the 3 million 257 Mexican pesos, so that the best will come to you precautions.

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