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Environmental Contingency on CDMX and Edomex: these cars will not circulate on Saturday 24 February

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Authorities of the Comisión Ambiental de la Megalopolis (CAMegalópolis) informed through an urgent communication in their social networks that will follow the Environmental Contingency in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de México on Saturday 24 February 2024. The second consecutive day that this phase is active.

According to the information revealed by the Government of Mexico this will come late, traffic is suspended selected of knowledge with its verification holograma, off Saturday in a hours from 5:00 to 22:00.

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Environmental Contingency activates the double Hoy No Circula in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de Mexico

Credit: Cuartoscuro

Authorities informed that for the moment you remain alert, but they will remain pay attention to the evolution of conditions prevailing meteorological conditions in the ZMVM, the results will be known to you Saturday February 24th at 10:00 amfrom which it will be decided whether to suspend or continue.

What are the cars that are not driving this Saturday February 24th 2024? Activate environmental contingency

  • Vehicles for particular use with verification holograma 2.
  • Vehicles for particular use with verification holograma 1.
  • Vehicles for particular use with verification holograma 0 and 00, green gum, plate termination 1 and 2 .
  • The units which does not carry a verification hologramaLike the old vehicles, demostration or transport, new ones that they have tourist country, foreign plaques or with plaques formed by lettersthe same restriction applies to vehicles carrying holograma 2.
  • Restriction on the circulation of the 50% of the LP gas department units To many stations, which do not have a dry disconnect valve, the serial number termination is NOT.
  • Local or federal vehicles run between 6:00 and 10:00 hours.., with the exception of those who are included in the CDMX or EDOMEX Self-Regulation Program.
  • Taxis with verification holograma “0”, “00”, “1” or “2” If you must leave the circulation in accordance with the provisions indicated in the inscriptions a), b), yc), the restriction will apply to circulation from 10:00 to 22:00 hours.
Credit: Cuartoscuro

Health Protection in Environmental Contingency

On the other hand, the authorities informed that citizens must also protect themselves from the effects of Environmental Contingencyso they made a series of recommendations with the aim of ensuring that there is no harm in people, especially high-achieving people.

  • Avoid engaging in civic, cultural and recreational activitiesso how to avoid exercising outdoors between 1pm and 7pm.
  • If you recommend it postpone free air, sporting, cultural or spectacular eventsscheduled between 1pm and 7pm.
  • Facilitate and continue the work remotely and make purchases and purchases online to reduce travel.
  • If you recommend it no smokingespecially in closed spaces.
  • Reduce the use of fuels at home, shortening the cooking time to a maximum of five minutes and when cooking, use containers with tapa.
  • Avoid the use of aromatizantes, aerosoles, pinturas, impermeabilizantes or products that contain solvents.

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