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Engage with the manager and stuff joyería in Galerías Coapa

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Without violence and only carrying out the agreement through a telephone call, alleged criminals made an important contribution atraco against one jewelery located in the Galerías Coapa shopping center.

“The policies that provide security in a plaza, located in the Calzada del Hueso y Canal de Miramontesin the Coapa colony, they were informed via the radio frequency of a relative robo a jeweler.

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“On the site, they met with a female citizen who identified herself as the store manager and informed her that she had received a phone call from a man, who mentioned that the store was being remodeled, which is what I asked her to do. joyas y dinero to be looked after in another branch,” said the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana.

Confiada, the empleada of the jewelry The Esmeralda entregated 40 pieces of gold y actual money to the aforementioned trabajador, who left the plaza in a black car, without traffic stops.

The jewelry branch is located inside the shopping plaza. Photo: X / Galerías Coapa

Policía capitalina investigates robo

You will be notified by the abogados of the company, elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana they took care of the joyeria to carry out the first investigations, with the aim of meeting those responsible.

En tanto, otros elements de la Policia capitalina they find out by carrying out the analysis of the security cameras both in the shopping plaza and in the media, to trace the escape route of them presumed responsible.

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