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Encapuchados target students for allegedly selling vapers at a university in Sinaloa

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Sujetos encapuchados couppearon to two alleged students de la University Autonomy of the West (UAdeO) – located in Guasave, Sinaloa – reported apparently sell vapeadors inside the educational plant installations. The attackers used tablas to attack the youngsters and subsequently forced them to walk without rope through the center of the city, this before the atonic sight of decades of people.

They occurred late on Monday December 4th and were distributed in social circles. In the images that circulate – on different digital platforms – you see the two victims walking on their shoes while carrying the cards, which contain distressing messages.

The kids were forced to walk with cards. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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What do you know about students who have been shot by prisoners in Sinaloa?

Now if you don’t know the identity of the items students who were hit by encapuchados. However, on the cards I carried there were the following messages: “This makes me want to go selling vapes. This is a warning to all the ‘chapulines’ who fall. A los demás les va a ir peor, ya los tenemos ubicados”. Please clarify what it is SinaloaThey are known as “chapulines” to those people who dedicate themselves to stealing or selling drugs.

Because people passing through the center of Guasave showed up and notified the authorities, the police did not arrive in the area. Other witnesses opted to solely document the stories and spread them in social circles; in the grabaciones you see a capuched man amusing you students with a pole, while another captive person followed him in search and grabbed him with a cell phone.

This is not the first case of attacks against vape sellers. Photo: special.

Why are young people targeted for selling vapes in Sinaloa?

This is not the first time that young people are allegedly attacked sell vapeadors in the state of Sinaloa. A month ago, another young man was shot – in the city of Monchis – for the same reason; On that occasion, the victim was attacked by a light post and his assailants placed a card on her, where she read a message admonishing any person who was wrapped up in the window of these products.

Now, we understand the reason why they are attacking and raping young people who dedicate themselves to selling vapes in the state of Sinaloa. In the same way, people who are not known are the aggressors and whether or not they form part of an organized crime group.

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