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EN VIVO: The Mayan Train trudges, AMLO from the banderazo to the work emblem of his sexenio

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In the San Francisco Campeche station, President López Obrador noted that the work was recorded in time and that it counted with the collaboration of 100 million workers from all over the country and with the support of construction companies. Therefore, he also appreciated the work of companies such as Carso de Carlos Slim, Mota Engil, Indi, ICA and the one that built the trains, Alstom.

He indicated that this weekend will inaugurate the route that runs from Campeche to Cancún and will next be in a heated form until February, with Cancún Palenque on December 31st and the place from Cancún to Chetumal on the jungle side and the limits of Guatemala to complete the entire circuit.

“It is a great work, let us not exaggerate that there is no such work in the world. These works for the general trascienden gobiernos, are more than a decade. And this work ended in five years in general and less, so let’s go back to when the construction actually began,” he said.

I confirmed that all the companies fulfilled with the agreement that they are established for this work and within the scope of the estimated estimate.

The president removed the support of the military engineers, because many of the professionals are honest and hard-working people. “No excuses or excuses,” he said.

“Nothing should be done by the Mayan Train, it is a work of the people of Mexico and that is why we want to look after it,” he emphasized

AMLO ensured that there was no further credit for the work of the Mayan Train
PHOTO: Daniel Ojeda

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