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EN ALIVE: Here you can see the concert of Ruben Blades from the Angel of Independence without going home

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There City of Mexico We will celebrate the start of 2024 in grand fashion with a concert from the end of the year after the Angel of Independence. The guest of honor is the legend of the salsa, Ruben Bladeswho will fill the streets with the rhythm of songs such as “Plástico”, “Pedro Navaja” or “Todos Vuelven”.

Ruben Blades He has been making salsa since the 70’s, and not only has he won big awards in the industry, he has also collaborated with equally impressive artists as he does Ray BarrettoWillie Colón, Juan Luis Guerra, Joan Manuel Serrat, among many others. He knows them like “Poet of salsa“and with great reason, he can be a genius for this writing.

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Rubén Blades en el Ángel de la Independencia. Credit: Gob CDMX

Where can we see the concert of Rubén Blades in the Angel of Independence?

But if you ask yourself a lot, or you simply don’t want to move from your house for any reason, entonces you can see the concertand the best of all, excucharlo hasta la comfort of your room, of your comedor, your cook or your heart. Serán the official channels of the capital government whence they pass it in an intact manner.

  • Capital 21 (open television)
  • Canal 14 (open television)

You can also do it right from your side cell phone or you computer. Enough with visiting las official social redes of the Government entrusted by Martí Batres. Including las redes de Capital 21 They keep a channel open that will automatically activate at 10.30pm to give the singer time.

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Watch here the live concert of Rubén Blades from the Angel of Independence

CDMX Metro changes timetable for Rubén Blades concert

Pay a lot of attention, you may find those who will continue until Ángel de la Independencia By 10.30pm, you will then find a way to safely return home. The Metro Collective Transport System of the City of Mexico announced that 11 of its stations It will work until 1:00 in the morning of Monday.

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It concerns the 11 stations operating on Line 1 or pink. The plot of Pino Suarez to Pantitlany de Pantitlán a Isabel La Católica will provide a special service. That’s it, the stations Candelaria, San Lázaro, Moctezuma, Balbuena, Bulevar Puerto Aéreo, Gómez Farías y Zaragoza. None of the correspondence or transshipments will be available.

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