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Elections in El Salvador: SRE congratulates Nayib Bukele on his presidential triumph

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There External Relations Secretariat (SRE) extended one congratulations to Nayib Bukele for winning the elections presidentials of El SalvadorBafter which they were to know the preliminary results from which the abandonment of New Ideas came about 80 proportional points to his rivals.

Through social redes, the government of Mexico celebrated the results of just democracy and ensured that it is confident to continue building a future of cooperation and silent development among nations.

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Felicitación de México to Nayib Bukele

SRE extends congratulations to Bukele for his triumph

“The government of Mexico congratulates the Salvadoran people on the successful and peaceful electoral campaign today, and President Nayib Bukele on his victory in the presidential elections,” read the press release from the Embajada de México in El Salvador.

Asimismo, Alicia Bárcena, owner of the SRE, congratulates the people of El Salvador and ensures that Mexico remains committed to working hard and willing for a prosperous future and continuing the laces of bilateral cooperation.

Looking like life in El Salvador

It should be noted that the government of Mexico, supported by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), agreed with El Salvador, in charge of Nayib Bukele, to extend the apoyos of Semanndo Vida (Mexican social program) to the Central American country to help them with his migration.

The economic support of the Mexican government has the objective of encouraging agricultural activities in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador; Therefore, for the outcome that you have in these countries, it is wise to extend this program to more countries in the region (Haití, Cuba and Venezuela) as a method of mitigating poverty and reducing migration.

The program Lavorando Vida is present in Mexico and Central America

Presidents congratulate Bukele

Además del mexicano gobierno, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, presidenta de Honduras; Santiago Peña, de Paraguay; y Bernardo Arévalo, de Guatemala, they congratulated Nayib Bukele for his victory in the urns. Similarity, the respective diplomatic personnel of other nations, such as China, extended their congratulations to the re-elected president of El Salvador.

“I also had a telephone conversation with Nayib Bukele to congratulate him on his great triumph today. From Paraguay we congratulate the Salvadoran people on a new democratic day and we reaffirm our commitment to work for strong cooperation between our countries!”, wrote Peña on the official X account (before Twitter).

“President Bukele, I sincerely congratulate you on your great electoral triumph. His compromised signatures with the security of the Salvadoran community were bluntly recorded in the urns. With the greatest respect and consideration, I wish you success in your new mandate”, added Castro de Zelaya.

Festivities in El Salvador

For this reason, the Salvadoran people went up to celebrate the reelección of Bukele in the streets of San Salvador, where an artificial fire show was offered; Also, in the main plaza, where the president will deliver a speech, thousands of citizens gathered carrying the flag of their country.

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