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Elderly woman who was married to her husband to receive a message from a 60 year old exnovia

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A 71 year old woman was implicated in an attempt to do so asesinate knowing with the current pinch, this place was implicated in a distressing and violent episode of violence intrafamilial. If it’s about Bertha Yalter here, following the Miami-Dade Police report, United Stateshe was trying to asphyxiate his husband, with someone who was more than 50 years old in his home, where he could review his social life and have a conversation about a Turkish exnovia, with whom he had a romance for more than six decades.

Because of this, the old woman had a violent reaction against her husband, Guillermo, 74 years old, and had to take him up to the skies to attack him with a pillow. The detectives who were examined alerted Memo’s neighbors and Bertha quienes opted to call the authorities, so that the Police of the County took care to carry out the inspection in the home of the couple.

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The police encountered the victim with bites and bruises

Bertha Yalter lived in the house of Guillermo for more than 50 years. PHOTO: Special

Once again the elements of the policy of the Miami-Dade county they arrived at the home of the couple, they met the victim in an “extremely fragile” state, with bruises, lacerations and bites, from which the report was made.

They spent the night of Sunday 28th in the residence where the couple is in the Miami-Dade area, where Bertha discussed a message that Memo received online from a story that made you 60 years old, to whom I responded.

This action had detonated him celos the 71 year old woman tried to asphyxiate her exposed with a pillow.

A “lamentable” discussion that rose out of control: abrogated by Yalter

Yalter remains low in the custody of the hope of a girlfriend audience this week. PHOTO: Special

Bertha I admitted the attack during my interrogation with him authors, follow the investigations given to know the moment. However, on his behalf Jeffrey Weiner denied the accusation of intent to asphyxia and I declared to the investigators that the representative of my client wanted them to retire them cargos on display.

Weimer described the incident as a “lamentable” and “desagradable” discussion that came out of control, while the Tax he insisted that Yalter’s action with the pillow constitutes an intent of asesinatewho “asphyxiated him and killed him”.

Wait for the moment Yalter I’m still in custody and you’re hoping for a girlfriend audience this week. As a precautionary measure, the order will also remain in place exposed.

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