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“El Rey” Zambada wrote this passage to his brother while he was in prison

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The brand was worn in the name and is worth having a big deal with Ismael “Mayo” Zambada, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Jesús Reynaldo can always wield a perfect bottom in a world of power, richness and extravagance. Even during his capture in 2008, in the north of the city of Mexico, the communication channels mentioned him as a “big guy” of the Cartel of the Pacific.

The key to being able to break away from your family is through the studio, Jesús “Rey” Zambada he entered the classrooms of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) to pursue high school graduation in Countryside. He tried to get a job after university, but the shadow of his brother always influenced them so they wouldn’t cross him.

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The day that the Beltrán Leyva atraparon al “Rey” Zambada disfrazados de policías y tomaron la foto key to hundirlo

The contracts of García Luna to privatize prisons in Mexico: how much does this fall within the month

The time ran and “El Rey”, In the midst of a world of disappointments and disappointments, he ended up joining the ranks that commanded his hand in one of the most powerful organizations in Mexico and the world.

“El Rey” was held and raised on the Edomex Altiplano
Photo: Cuartoscuro

How can I live with a low profile “El Rey” Zambada

In an interview with Pepe Garza, “El Rey” confessed that he never had an official document with his true name, even on his INE credential he had a false name. I told him this, he mentioned it, because he had a friend who helped him get falsified documents, arguing that “México, everything can be done.”

“When I went to prison until 2008, when I reviewed all my documents, I didn’t have a fine with a false name or with a real one, I was a clean gentleman,” he said.

El Rey also mentioned that within the organization he was known as the 4 or “R4”, clubs with which they were directed to protect their integrity. Likewise, when he began to maintain a high economic level, without saying that he was a soldier of the Mayo Zambada, I began to implement it in an honest way for farmers and technicians.

Where goes the corridor of “El Rey” Zambada

The first corrido that wrote “El Rey” inside the prison bears the name “El Prisionero”, which he collaborated with the Tuscan Group. He detailed that he carried out the operation in the Lindavista area, he was raised to the Altiplano, where I started to return to the writing.

From there, he took the pen and documented his experiences inside one of the prisons most known throughout the country. At the beginning of the song, listen to Zambada by introducing yourself and wanting all the people who if they are deprived of their freedom, someday they will go up.

In the story that follows, we will learn the experiences of “El Rey” in the entrances of Cefereso 1, where he was joined to a section that calls “El Hoyo”, a site intended for the most dangerous prisoners. Later he talks about his lives in prison in Tamaulipas, about his last life before ser extraditado a Estados Unidos.

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