Home International El Papa Francisco aboga por el end de la war en su mensaje de Navidad: les personas no quieren armas sino pan

El Papa Francisco aboga por el end de la war en su mensaje de Navidad: les personas no quieren armas sino pan

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Pope Francisco gave the Urbi et Orbi blessing from the balcony of the central Logia of the Basilica of San Pedro where he expressed in his mensaje de Navidad that war is “a journey without destination, a derrota sin vencedores, a curse without excuses”.

“Declaring “yes” to the Prince of Peace means deciding “no” to the war, and I am with valor, to the whole war, to the same logic of the war, a journey without destination, a derrota without vencedores, a silence without excuses ”. He added that to decide no to war, they had to take care of the production of weapons

“But to say “no” to war it is necessary to say “no” to weapons. Because the man, whose heart is instable and damaged, places instruments of death in his hands, before or after he will use them. can we say calmly if the production, sales and trade of weapons are increasing?“.

The Pope began to seek peace among the nations. PHOTO: Pablo Esparza

Pope Francis said that people “don’t ask for weapons until the daylight”

“Now, as in the time of Herodes, the intrigues of evil, which were opposed to the divine light, turned to the shadow of hypocrisy and concealment. How many masacres are owed to the weapons that occur in silent silence, hidden from everyone! The people, who do not want weapons for a long time, who want to follow them quickly and more peacefully, are unaware of how many public funds are earmarked for armaments. Yes, without embargo, they should know it! Let us know about this, let us write about it, so that we know the interests and benefits that the warriors benefit from”.

Considering the dark times we live in, I say that “the light of God prevails”

The Pope wanted to speak to people in places like Palestine, Ukraine or Syria. PHOTO: Pablo Esparza

Thank you for this grace! Alégrate you, who have lost your confidence and certainties, because you are not alone, you are not alone: ​​Christ was born for you! Cheer up to you who have abandoned hope, because God holds you in His hand; He does not signal you with the gift, until he offers you on Niño’s hand to free you from your mine, to relieve you of your fatigue and show you that in his eyes you are as valuable as anyone else.

The Holy Father called for the peace of Israel and Palestine, for the people of Syria, Yemen and the “martyred” Ukraine, for Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the conflicts that exist in the Heart of Africa, Southern Sudan, and Congo y Cameroon.

Pope Francisco signaled that through the “Hijo de Dios que se hizo un Niño humilde” to inspire the political leaders of the American continent to solve the situation of migration and social desires.

“The Lord of God, who is a humble Niño, inspires the political authorities and all the people of good will on the American continent, to find suitable solutions that help them overcome social and political discord, to fight against the forms of poverty that offends the dignity of people, resolves their desires and faces the painful phenomenon of migration”.

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