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“El Nini” ordered massive executions: the Chair details the operations and how I learned from the intellectual author of the “Culiacanazo”

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Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas “El Nini”, security guard of “Los Chapitos”who was detained this week in the third attempt to fail the operatives, informed this time the secretary of the National Defense (Sedena), Luis Cresencio Sandoval; respecto, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador I say that your detention is a sign that your government does not have “complicity” with any criminal group.

From the VIII Military Region in Oaxaca, where the annual conference was celebrated, the federal representative welcomed his par de United States, Joe Bidenwho recognized the Mexican government to detain “El Nini”.

Following reading:

Ovidio Guzmán, “El Nini” and all the members of “Los Chapitos” who are looking for and who were detained

Federal law determines the provisional detention for 60 days for Néstor Isidro, alias “El Nini”

“El Nini” was the security manager Archivaldo Guzmán.
Photo: Archive

“Good that we appreciate (Biden) the mention, the recognition. Clarify that a badge of the government that I represent is that we have no complicity relations with nadie, there is no protection against organized crime nor against the crime of the white man, we represent ourselves in the community of Mexico and there is no impunity for nadie, for eso estaos advancing”, I say.

The general Luis Cresencio Sandoval I explained that in order to detain the criminal group from the security guard Los Chapitos the participation of all the corporations was taken care of Fuerzas Armadasof the National Guard (GN) y de la General Tax of the Republic (FGR). He realized that this person was the one who organized the call “Culiacanazo” to urge the government to free the drug trafficker Ovidio Guzmán.

“He is the leader of a criminal cell and is also responsible for security Archivaldo, the leader of the Los Chapitos group. This person is the one who ordered the attacks against the local unit in Culiacán, Sinaloa, against our families, when it is an area for military personnel, as a result of the operation that was underway in this moment for the detention of Ovid.” , I say.

“El Nini” organized a series of attacks against the military personnel.
Photo: Archive

Néstor Isidro, the general explained, was also the one who organized a series of attacks against the military personnel, resulting in “a cantidad of bases, of heridos, of forgiveness”.

“And I also believe that in the month of March, if I am misunderstanding, March or May of this year, it orders the execution of other people in Tamazula, who initially had secuestradas, and subsequently orders their death,” he agreed.

He explains that from now on there is a continuation of El Nini to stop his detention.

“He participated in the attacks on those who were targeted by the National Guard, Army and Air Force, during Ovidio’s detention on the 5th of January. Therefore, an operation must be carried out to capture him at this moment in which there is no exit.

From this follow-up a new operation is carried out from which the logra can also escape, and finally we see the result that resulted in the detention,” he agreed.

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