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Ejecután a pareja in China to asesinar a dos niños porque les “estorbaban”

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En Chinaone pareja he sido executed tras ser hallada culpable of the asesinate of two innocent minors, children of a man’s previous marriage. The perpetrators were identified as Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen, who supposedly committed the crime because they considered that the minors were an obstacle to their happiness and future plans.

The teenagers, a two-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy, were buried on floor 15 of a building in Chongqing, in an act that the house attempted to destroy as a tragic accident, according to local media reports. Zhang held them with a woman called Chen Meilin. The act has been condemned in the blood and there company china.

A video of the “en duel” was released. Photo: AsiaWire.

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The Chinese authorities punished the minors with severity

According to the reports, the children were arrested from floor 15 of a residence in Chongqing, South China, in 2020. The Superior People’s Tribunal of Chongqing, through a meticulous judgment, found both guilty and upheld the premeditated and brutal nature de su crimen. As the sentence was determined the execution of both, which was raised to the middle of the lethal injection.

The mother of the infants is disconsolate. Photo: AsiaWire.

The pair it was condemned In 2021, but the sentence was lifted this week, the managers have called for the decision during various juicios. According to local communications media, the court determined that its motives were “despicable” and its media were “brutal”, which resulted in severe consequences of the law.

They tried to pretend it was an accident

In social circles the case caused a lot of publicity, and after the incident, videos were spread of those who supposedly saw Zhang deconsolated and hitting his head against the wall. At first he said that he was asleep when he was if they fell by accident and it was only the grit of the old men who destroyed him.

The children’s mother said that Zhang asked her to take care of her hija on the day that both of them were born. “At the very moment that my children were on the 15th floor by their father and mother, I couldn’t find words to describe my feelings… I couldn’t imagine what my children had vividly… Are they desperate? “, he assured.

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