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Eduardo Verástegui has not gathered 10% of his signatures to register as an independent candidate

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El mexicano Eduardo Verástegui It seems like you are scrambling around to capture the signatures necessary to get on the register at the National Electoral Institute (INE) how independent candidate to the presidency of the Republic. The Catholic and ultraconservative find it difficult to reach the required goal.

He has a great presence in the social circles and his relationships with prominent figures of the ultra lowlife such as Donald Trump and Javier Milei (holy elected president of Argentina), the former actor Eduardó Verástegui you have only collected less than 10% of the signatures necessary for your registration.

How many signatures must Eduardo Verástegui register as an independent candidate?

El actor 961 million 405 citizen signatures are needed to complete register before the INE. Currently it only raises approximately 59 million signatures, it is said, more than 90% of the total. The states that supported him the most are Jalisco, Mexico, Chihuahua and New Leon.

The time limit for them aspiring independent candidates for the Presidency of Mexico in 2024, The required signatures are presented on the 6th of November 2024, which means that from today 20th November, Eduardo Verástegui I tended to get the red of 15,400 people to toast them on their behalf and on their signature.

The most controversial proposals of Eduardo Verástegui

As an aspiring representative of the country in Mexico, Verástegui It is provided, it is decided against abortion, which is the law in Mexico. He has also openly declared himself homophobic, demonstrating himself against the liberties and rights of the LBGT community and affirms that marriage between persons of the same sex must not be legal, may be against the traditional family and the divine mandate.

The former actor makes diary broadcasts on a YouTube channel to pray the rosary and in his social circles openly manifests his Catholic beliefs. Please note that in two months ‘if the thousand is made’ you will have the necessary signatures to convert it independent candidate de la derecha rumbo a la presidency 2024 in Mexico.

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