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Earthquake of 7.6 in Japan: Tepco reviews possible spills of radioactive material in Fukushima and Kashiwazaki

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The first day of 2024 saw a 7.6 earthquake in the province of Ishikawa in western Japan, before the magnitude of which the islands of the island reached five meters high, causing a tsunami warning. In the evaluation of damage, they also report a loss of radioactive materials from the nuclear power plant de Kashiwazaki-Kariwa as a consequence of the movement.

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Recovering from the Fukushima nuclear accident amidst the 7.6 earthquake in Japan, what happened?

VIDEOS: Japan receives the year with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake and activates tsunami warning

No one deserved it nuclear alert as the case occurred in Fukushima in 2011, without embargo, the authorities maintain observation of the plan that was sealed after that earthquake of 9.1 magnitude.

The authorities have not yet sent preliminary data regarding the number of deaths or deaths, but fear for a second impact on a nuclear plant.

Since 2011 it has not been activated tsunami alert For the latest earthquakes that have occurred in the country, on this occasion the impact that could have on plants that were blocked by the nuclear disaster is analyzed.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), a company that owns several nuclear power plants, announced that it was reviewing the impact of damage from the 7.6 earthquake and reported a risk in the terminal Fukushima. Five days before the earthquake the nuclear energy regulator lifted the veto on the power station Kashiwazaki-Kariwa. to reactivate its activities after the brake which was held for safety reasons.

In their social circles they were shocked that “no anomalies were observed” in the radiation monitors. On the other hand, they confirmed that they will tend to refrigerate the pools of gassed fuel after this telephone movement.

At the nuclear power plant Kashiwazaki KariwaWe confirmed that the pools of fuel gassed in all units will tend to heat up after the earthquake. Radiation monitors (monitoring controls, etc.) also indicate anomalies.

In 2023, Japan announced that it would head to the southern sea radioactive waters of the Fukushima power plant that alerted the old countries because it was 12 years after the accident.

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