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Earthquake magnitude 5 or lower on the CDMX surface is possible, as certified by the UNAM seismologist

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A “enjambre de microseism“You can be affected by it City of Mexicoaccording to the seismologist Víctor Manuel Cruz Atienza, among the numerous vivid thunderstorms in the last few days in the Mexican capital and while the citizens are wondering about it I succeed real of these discounts.

In an interview with the EFE el agency seismologist of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (AN M) stated that “it is possible” that more events of these characteristics can be given in the next few days and even weeks.

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Why is the CDMX a medium and not high seismic zone that strikes strongly and constantly?

Report damage and sorrow in buildings following earthquakes today in CDMX

In 1981 “there was an earthquake disaster” on the CDMX coast

Cruz Arienza assures that these phenomena are not new in the CDMX. PHOTO: X / @cruzatienza

The inhabitants of the megalopolis live with the worry that produces not being able to count on the warning of seismic alarms, installed throughout the City of Mexico. These small-magnitude telephonic movements that occur under the soil of the city, some of them only a kilometer deep, do not have sufficient intensity for the alarms to go off.

Cruz Atienza explained that microseism May this year and this week have taken place in the south of the city, where in 1981 “there was a plague of earthquakes”. And these phenomena are not new. The works were published in 1971 where local earthquakes between 1909 and 1969 were documented. city you are sliding “slowly” at these moments. His hipótesis supports her in “satellite evidence”.

One of the characteristics of them microseism What the capitals are most familiar with is the violence that manifests itself in the first instant, which is explained by the acceleration they produce. El microseism Recorded in Pantheon Dolores on June 17, 2019, I had a maximum acceleration of 310 gals (981 gals is equivalent to the acceleration of the grave).

There are 180 monitor stations on CDMX

Very high accelerations are not supposed to be very successful “in the beginning”, they may be “very short”. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

Cruz Atienza compares this figure with the 34 registered gals, also with short signatures, of acceleration in the City of Mexico of the devastator earthquake of the year 1985. The difference between these is due to the search for the epicenter of the microseismjust under the soil.

For the expert of the AN MHowever, very high accelerations are not supposed to be very successful “in the beginning”, they may be “very short”. The micro-earthquake of May 2019 and the concern it aroused led to doubts over whether the workers of metro line 12 were responsible for the events.

Therefore, the entonces jefa de gobierno de CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, “alguien fearful of earthquakes” according to Cruz Atienza, unified the red seismology of the Valle de Mexico. Today the capital meets with one 180 stations monitoring local activity.

A correlation was reported between the “increase of rainfall and microseisms”

The CDMX construction code, “elaborated after the disaster of 1985”, contemplates that buildings can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 in the city, says Cruz Atienza: PHOTO: ciencia.unam.mx

However, there is no way to demonstrate the relationship between the work and the microseism. Over the years, other theories have existed regarding the causes they propose: a 1991 report reported a correlation between the “increase of rainfall and the microseism“, recorded by Cruz Atienza.

“A more delicate topic was that starting from microseism of 2019 hicimos a study published that he postulated a larger scenario of an earthquake with an epicenter in the same city of magnitude 5, 800 times larger than this time. Let’s see what acceleration would be in the central lake area City of Mexico. The following estimates are given earthquake“Compared with those of 1985 and 2017, the acceleration will be greater than in those earthquakes,” the seismologist indicated.

The construction code of the City of Mexico “elaborated after the disaster of 1985” contemplates that the buildings can withstand a earthquake of magnitude 4.7 below the city, Cruz Atienza states, who still believes that “urban developments without legal control of the leaders of the great Mexican city could be in danger”, in case of giving a microseism they seek.

Since it is possible to have an earthquake with an epicenter in the capital city of magnitude 5, the scientist concludes that it is difficult but “not impossible”.

With information from EFE

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