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Earthquake in Japan with 92 deaths and 242 disappearances

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The local authorities of the Japanese prefecture Ishikawathe most affected by it earthquake of magnitude 7.6 of these moons, today raised the figure of dead at 92 and desparecidos at 242, with little hope of meeting more survivors.

The locations with the most disappeared are two of the most targeted by the fear; Wajima y Suzuwhere it has been confirmed that numerous lives have been taken and continue to weigh the weight of those who have passed the 72 hour limit, which is why it is very difficult to meet survivors.

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The figure of disappearances is tied to 242 due to the earthquake in Japan

The locations with the most disappeared are two of the most targeted by the fear; Wajima and Suzu. PHOTO: AFP

El earthquake of magnitude 7.6 which on Mondays saw the western coast of central Japan dropped to minus 92 deadwhile the figure of disappeared you will meet at 9:00 this morning (00:00 GMT) on 242.

The Japanese Coast Guard also comes in search of the players with an aircraft and a launch to people who may be arraigned by them tsunami which was caused by the earthquake, received a form of testimony.

The Japanese Coast Guard is also looking for people who may be stranded by the tsunami. PHOTO: AFP

The experts have been alerted to the replies throughout this week and the next one could be of great intensity, as well as the lluvias which are nitrogenating the area and which could cause land slides and also make it difficult to catch fish.

The most devastating earthquake in Japan since 2016

In Wajima, one of the most affected locations, 55 people failedwhile 23 died in Suzu, 5 in Nanao city, 5 in Anamizu, 2 in Noto and one person in Hakui and another in Shiga.

The earthquake that struck the Noto peninsula reached level 7 on the Japanese scale. PHOTO: AFP

Until this time, 2 million effective aircraft were deployed in this prefecture, along with 22 aircraft and boats for the activities of rescate and collection of damage information, the double of the courses that unfolded at the beginning.

El earthquake which hit the Noto peninsula – an area in which it is known that there are active faults – on Mondays, located on an epicenter 30 kilometers north of Wajima and reached level 7 on the Japanese escalator 7, which is centered in it destructive power of temblor.

Monday’s earthquake is the first level 7 earthquake recorded in the country since 2018. PHOTO: AFP

This earthquake was the most devastating Japan Since 2016 in the Kumamoto prefecture (which has been over 200 deaths), the first level 7 was registered in the country since 2018, when an earthquake struck level 7 on the island of Kumamoto. Hokkaido.

With information from EFE

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